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Our Services

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Ops room & Field support team will be coordinating with first responders to manage the most appropriate hospital required for the emergency being handled.

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In case of robbery, theft, snatching or accidents Mohafiz team will mediate between you and the law enforcement agencies.

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Mohafiz will coordinate with the towing service provider when you are in an emergency and need assistance in moving vehicles that are immobilized or in need of transportation.

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Mohafiz team will coordinate with the nearest ambulance service provider to coordinate evacuation response quickly because time is the most critical element in any emergency.

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Mohafiz offers funeral-related services and assistance to bereaved families. We help in organizing and coordinating various aspects of the funeral service.

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Psycological First Aid is a supportive intervention designed to help individuals in the immediate aftermath of a traumatic event or crisis. It aims to provide emotional and practical support, promote resilience, and facilitate the recovery process. 

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Mohafiz team will arrange blood (either live donors or through blood banks) in emergencies through its Mohafiz Engine.

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Mohafiz arranges the care and preparation of deceased individuals before their final disposition. We offer (through our partners) a range of services related to the handling, preservation, and presentation of the deceased.

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This service aims to prevent and address harassment in various settings, such as workplaces, schools, public spaces, or online platforms. This service will work to create safer environments and provide support to victims of harassment.

Tow Trucks
first responders mapped all over pakistan

First Responders 

Over the past eight years, Mohafiz has successfully mapped and verified first responders in all 361 cities of Pakistan. Our comprehensive network ensures your parents' safety during emergencies, no matter where they are in the country.

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