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Frequently asked questions about mohafiz care

Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need the service?

Why did Mohafiz feel the need to come up with this service?

If you have concerns about your family in Pakistan, travel frequently, or simply desire a dependable team to support you and your loved ones in any emergency, then the answer is a resounding yes.

Mohafiz was created due to the increasing crime rate in Pakistan, particularly cases where servants turned against their owners. It provides a reliable alternative for families who value the safety of their loved ones over outsourcing their care.

What does this service cover?

1. Medical Emergencies

  • Send ambulance for rapid evacuation

  • Carry to a hospital or doctor of your choice

  • Stay with patient in the hospital and keep you updated

  • Represent you at the hospital 

  • Arrange blood if and when required

  • Disengage only when you tell us to

2. Accident Assistance

3. Home Invasion/Break-ins

  • In case of break-ins, our field team will reach the house and mobilize and coordinate the police effort (Field team is unarmed as the law prevents us from armed intervention)

4. Funeral and Mortuary Services

5. Keep an Eye Out

  • Make spot checks on your house to keep servants aware that you have a cross check on them

Why a retainer, wallet and a registration fee?

The $25 retainer fee ensures preparedness, supports safety, and saves lives. The wallet covers unforeseen expenses, requiring a minimum balance of $50. The $25 registration fee supports logistical planning during onboarding. The service cost will be billed as per actual as it involves third party services. The costs will always be shared beforehand with the benefactor before services are delivered. 

What is the Logistics Planning Exercise or LPE?

The LPE is where we send you a questionnaire and visit your home to make an assessment of all the assets, tools, information and Human Resources that will be required to handle security events and medical emergency events. We take down medical information, the hospital and doctor of choice, next of kin, and other such information and then conduct timing runs to rescue the time it takes for an ambulance to respond and evacuate your loved ones or for our field team to reach your house in case of a security event. Police stations, hospitals and everything else which is necessary for emergency handling will be planned and a file will be maintained in our ops room to get you the most effective experience possible if/when an emergency takes place. The LPE is conducted within 2 working days of you registering for the service and once it is done, your account is activated and you will receive an email confirming this. 

What is not included in the service?

The service covers only emergencies. We will be there for any kind of emergency that your loved ones find them selves in. Other than that the service does not cover provision of maids, electricians, plumbers, drivers or even delivery of medicine or booking an appointment with service providers like lawyers, bankers or any of the government offices. This service is emergencies only.

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