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Emergency care for your loved ones living in Pakistan!

Why Us

Mohafiz - The world's first private 911 company

We've solved over 50,000 emergencies and have saved over 10,000 lives across Pakistan serving as a single source for all emergencies.


When it comes to emergencies, there is no one like us. Our partners, Careem, Daraz, Retailo, Postex, and several others retain our services to handle emergencies for them through our risk mitigation and crisis management services.  

Our Mohafiz Family

Our Story

In December 2014, a tragic incident in Peshawar prompted the formation of Mohafiz by Humanetek Pvt Ltd. We consolidated over 735 emergency helplines in Pakistan and established strong relationships with private, government, and NGO first responders. Our goal is to provide a one-stop-shop solution for any emergency, ensuring customer safety. We have earned the trust of some of the best brands in Pakistan and have expanded our operations to Egypt, Kenya, and Argentina.

Meet The Team

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