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Reliable assistance,
a phone call away

The response time for our service is under 2 minutes

Response time of 2mins

We've mapped first responders on across pakistan

Responders mapped nationwide

Mohafiz has handled over 50,000 emergencies all across pakistan!

50,000+ emergencies handled 

Mohafiz only hires the best in the market!

Trained first responders

Your parents living back home in Pakistan can avail any emergency service at the touch of one button.

Who Needs This Service?

Our services cater to those living far from loved ones in Pakistan, offering peace of mind during emergencies. With 8 years of trusted experience, we prioritise your family’s safety and well being with expert care.

Our Assistance Points



Your 24/7 emergency support centre, manned by expert responders, available via text, call or WhatsApp ensuring swift action during life threatening events.



Trained Field Support Officers at your service 24/7. From medical emergencies to security concerns, you're never alone during life-threatening events.



Your safety is our priority. From medical evacuation to reaching a place of safety, we've got you covered with our trusted partners.

Our Testimonials 

Success Stories

A couple of things that stand out for me are the responsiveness of the team and the fact that they actually take feedback on board very quickly and rapidly.

Asif Munshi, Qatar

My experience with Mohafiz Care has actually been very good. I can rely on them getting things right, like actual medical treatment and getting medication to my home on time, getting my parents treated on time and even completing a course of treatment.

Faraz Shams, Australia

I had been looking for a solution which was a one-stop shop to take care of all the requirements that they had, which is reliable, consistent and something that I can trust. My experience with Mohafiz Care has actually been very good.

Ibrahim Masood, UAE

Contact Us

Whatsapp: +92 321 0911911

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